tHe aRt of tHe bRusH

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” 
― Pablo Picasso

Chaos, Light of Summer

Abstract, Acrylic over canvas L: 100 cm, W: 70 cm No frame Order by commission Price for each piece


Art! Is art something private or public? Should we criticise art as we do with everything? Art is something coming deep inside the artist, a whisper of their visions. Naturally, there are all sorts of artists. Some can’t sell their painting because they are so attached to them, feeling the world could read their soul. Others, others wanted fame, money and the spotlight. Each one has the right to be whatever they things is better, no judgment attached,

What I had noticed soon I tried to put my art on display was indifference. How many painters are in the world? I guess a number higher than writers, close to photographers. Too many poor souls try to show what they create and/or be paid for that. I paint to share a melting pot of emotions with the world. I painted in waves like the sea draws lines on the sand. I am a painter because I love it.

After years of tiptoeing with trees and women’s figures, I found myself free when painting abstracts. The technic wasn’t necessarily the main point – pouring, throwing, using the brush – the sensation of freedom and the facility with my ideas and feelings combined on the canvas was the target.

After five years of learning, experimenting and being disappointed, I found what I do best. I am an abstract painter. 

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