The Hope of Summer

Release Summer 2024

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of adventure and discovery. In 2011 for the second time, I ventured to Turkey to capture the essence of the East part of country and write A Tale in Red – The Hope of Summer. Thousands of miles were traveled as I explored the rugged mountains, vast plateaus, and deep canyons of East Turkey. I stacked up an array of experiences – from photographing and talking to tasting and understanding Turkish culture. It was a daring drive across the country, affording me the opportunity to compare the East and West regions.

The journey was arduous because the temperature was high – around 40ºC, but the reward was more than worth it. Every destination had a character and narrative, from Mount Nemrut to Lake Van to the ancient city of Ani, each of which sparked my curiosity and enriched my understanding of the land’s history. What resonated most were the locals that I encountered: shepherds, nomads, artists and academics – they added unique flavor to my travels as they shared their stories with me.

Come along on an exciting odyssey – explore the wilds of East Turkey while uncovering its mysteries and uncovering your own!

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