The Artist

A Spanish author, painter and photographer born in Brazil living in Denmark.


Heleny is Spanish, the child of a Spanish woman and a Brazilian man. She lived in São Paulo with her family for most of her life.

Heleny graduated in Electric Engineering and post-graduated in Business Administration and Online Education. She worked in two essential technology companies working with IBM systems for commercial purposes and later developing software for laser printers.

In 1993 she created a company t training for the increasing demand of specialised workers for the new revolution in Brazil: personal computers.

In 1995 she turned to education and the challenge of integrating technology into the school environment—her vision guided a change in educational parameters. Working with integration between the different subjects in the curriculum, Heleny used technology to open the school to work with broad and multidisciplinary projects.

In 2000, she became CEO, and the company changed its scope to develop a system working on the cloud. 

2009 came, and a revolution occurred. Heleny abandoned the company and wrote the first book – Asif, Perdão. In 2011 she moved to Istanbul, Turkey. She travelled to collect data for a new book – Luzes da Turquia. However, again, changes came, and she moved to London, where she wrote Season of a Soul – a book with short stories and poetry – and began her passion for photography. It was in London that she experienced a great desire to try painting. 

For ten years, while living in London, she experiments with different styles. Finally, after moving to Denmark, she discovered her love for abstracts.

In 2020, while the pandemic was revenge on the world, she began to study Physics at the Open University. She intends to finish the graduation course and continue her studies in physics as writing and painting. She is working on two new canvases and a novel.

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