The Writer

Spanish-Brazilian writer and painter living in Denmark.

I am an accomplished writer with a passion for storytelling and literature. Despite a technical background in Electrical Engineering and software development, my heart has always been drawn to writing. After a successful career in the software industry, including work at Philips-Constanta, I decided to pursue writing full-time in 2009.

As an author, I have written several captivating books in Portuguese. “Asif – Perdão” and “Asif – Superação” explore the complexities of human emotions and the power of forgiveness and personal growth. I have also written non-fiction guides on the beauty business and selling art. In addition to writing, I have blended poetry and photography in the collection “Season of a Soul: Thoughts of a Woman.” My work has been well-received by audiences.

My creativity extends beyond writing. In 2023, I will showcase abstract paintings at the Work Art Fair in Aarhus, Denmark and a collective exhibition at Art Gallery Fulvia Steardo Fermi in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. The intersection of visual and written art allows me to explore new dimensions of creativity and express my innermost emotions.

I am also dedicated to positively impacting society. I am working towards establishing a foundation that supports local communities in producing their food, contributing to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

I am continuously learning and putting diverse passions into action. With each word written and each stroke of the brush, I aspire to inspire, engage, and leave a lasting legacy that resonates with readers and art enthusiasts alike.


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