The aRt of the bRush


How many times you thought about the disorder and irregularities in life?

cHaoS theory is a multidisciplinary scientific theory and branch of mathematics focus in underlying patterns and deterministic laws highly sensitive to initial conditions in dynamical systems that were thought yo have completely random states of disorder and irregularities. The paint reflects this theory, trying to associate it to life.


Chaos seems a cruel word, however chaos give birth to stars.


Summer is the hottest of the four seasons. It came after Spring and before Autumn. It’s a colourful dispute between beauty and burning days. Some people belongs to the sun other to the downpour coming after.


In physics, mathematics, and related fields, a wave is a propagating dynamic disturbance – change from equilibrium – of one or more quantities. Life is full of waves, coming and going, bringing hope or taking it.


Under our feet, earth moves. We move ourselves as life goes by. Expressing that in colours and random forms inspire the heart of a person.

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