Projects: 2023 – 2026

Hi! I’m Heleny, a Spanish artist striving to thrive in a world of isolation. My projects are ready to take the leap and be seen by the world. However, they need a helping hand to do that. A book needs a publisher, cover design, copywriter, translators, and marketing. That’s why I need your assistance to make my projects come alive. You can make one-time or monthly donations; it’s up to you! Donating over €1000 will reward you with an acknowledgement in the book and a signed copy. Plus, you will get an invitation to the book launch! Thank you! I appreciate all your support!

A Tale in Red

Book collection about living and travel in Turkey

In 2011 Heleny made a bold decision and set sail for Turkey. She thirsted to find something different, to witness the world in a new light. She meandered from the teeming streets of Istanbul to the historic hills of Cappadocia, from the rolling waves of the Black Sea to the frontiers of Syria and Iraq. It was a captivating journey where her adventures shattered one misconception afteranother. 

She explored breathtaking beaches and majestic mountains, relished the taste of snow and scorching sun, tampered through forests and bustling cities, befriended locals and feasted on traditional Turkish goodies, lulling into dreamland each night craving for more secrets. Legends of goddesses and heroes, myths and real stories of life, love and death unfolded before her eyes. An experience like no other!

In the end, her quest was far from over. Heleny moved to the bustling city of London to document the story of her beloved Türkiye grandly. She gathered thousands of photographs, interviews, and pieces of history to bring life to the pages. A tale of struggles and joy, pride and glory, faith, and doubt. She crafted two books from her findings, one titled The Silence of Winter and the other The Hope of Summer, both tales of mesmerising discovery and adventure.

12 Months


Impressions and experience of living in Turkey from January to September 2011

Kepler 452b

Science-fiction book 

It is 2038, and humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, and a complex and strange woman is their last hope. Aboard a custom-made spaceship travelling at near-light speed, she lies suspended in a cocoon, dreaming of the new dawn.

The craft’s captain, Noah – an AI, guides them ever closer to their destination – the mysterious planet Kepler 452b. Twice as powerful as Earth’s gravity and holding untold secrets, this new world is both daunting and inviting to its latest visitors. The ship carries two million human embryos in stasis and two thousand slumbering passengers – the best and brightest Earth offers. Scientists, explorers, environmentalists, and many more specialists fill the entrails of the vessel, all counting on Noah to deliver them safely to their new home.

The book Kepler 452b unearthed a tale of clashing worlds between the real and ethereal in the second decade of the 21st century. It delved into the murky depths of human bonds, mysterious schemes, planetary destruction, and life in myriad forms and circumstances. The far-reaching implications of its words illuminated how humankind stood on a precipice between destruction and salvation.  

Project Duration:

24 Months


Every week, new research is published about distant planets and their potential for hosting life. Meanwhile, some of the world’s wealthiest people are investing billions into space exploration, aiming to form colonies on Earth’s celestial neighbours. Yet, despite the drastic climate changes and other looming crises, governments and institutions are apathetically going through the motions rather than actively combating the situation


This journal chronicles a tumultuous marriage spanning forty years; from the passionate and electrifying love at first sight all the way to the soul-destroying break-up. It follows the couple’s journey through life, as society’s pressures and expectations, family feuds, and financial instability slowly erode their love until nothing is left but a husk of pain and anger.

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