Project 2: Kepler 452b

Just 5 euros


Science-fiction book

The year is 2038.

As most people call her, Doctor is in suspension in a cocoon travelling in a spaceship at 95% the velocity of light. The spaceship was a victory for the Earth’s government. The project was a child of the Doctor, and the escape before the Earth finally ended the human civilisation was followed by thousands of others that were sent to the Alpha-Centauri region 

Noah is the captain of the ship and is intrigued by their choice: Kepler 452b wasn’t a welcome planet. With two times the Earth’s gravity, living there was a challenging task. More, why those people? The entrains of the ship accommodate 2 million human fertilised eggs and two thousand people. Scientists, historicists, geographers, environmentalists, and biologists, among others, were sleeping while the spaceship travelled toward its destiny. 

The book Kepler 452b told a story of dissonance between the reality and fantasy of the second decade of the 21st century. It’s about human relationships, conspiracy theories, climate change, and life in different forms and backgrounds.


Project Duration:

24 Months


Humankind has been discovering more and more exoplanets. At the same time, many billionaires are rushing to dominate space travel and create colonies on the Moon and Mars. Nobody in power seems genuinely concerned about the challenge ahead of us. Climate is changing, and with it, our way of life will change as well. 

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