Project 1: A Tale in Red

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Book collection about living and travel in Turkey

In 2011 Heleny decide to go way and live in Turkey. She wanted return home and say: everything now has new colours; life seems much brighter and more meaningful because she had discovered we are all equal in ours differences. 

She crossed the country from Istanbul to Cappadocia, the Black Sea to the border with Syria and Iraq. It was an experience unforgettable where one after other prejudices and misconceptions about the land, the culture and the people were smashed by the reality of living there. 

She saw many beaches and mountains, the taste of snow and the burning sun, crossed forests and cities, meeting people, eating the Turkish good and simple food, and going to bed wanting more, dreaming with legends of goddess and heroes, myths and real stories of life, love and death.  

In the end she didn’t return home. Heleny move to London. It was there she begun to write what had lived, learned and saw in this complex, sometimes desperate, and beautiful country.  

1000 photographs, interviews and history will fill the pages telling the story of difficulties, happiness, proud, glory, and religion. 

The collection id divided in two books: one called The Silence of Winter and the other The Hope of Summer.


Project Duration:

12 Months


Impressions and experience of living in Turkey from January to September 2011

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