Science, photography, and art all have one thing in common: humanity. We, as humans, have used our understanding of light and chemistry to create tools capable of capturing moments in time. But photography is more than just science; it’s an art form born from our emotions. The photographer’s need to capture the perfect moment is driven by a desire to freeze time and create a meaningful reflection of that moment. The best photographers are the ones who can see beyond the surface and tell a story through their images. From iconic photojournalism to personal projects capturing the beauty and solitude of the world, photography is a powerful medium for expressing feelings and ideas. As an author, photography has become another way to tell me and share my unique perspectives. Through my work, including the books Seasons of a Soul and Turkey – West to East, I aim to capture the changing seasons and the enchanting beauty of the world. Photography is more than just a medium; it’s a reflection of our humanity and a testament to the beauty that surrounds us.

Top left clockwise: Sunset in Mallorca, Castellammare del Golfo, Lighthouse in Colonia di San Jordi, London, Paris, Sicily, Boat on the sea, rose, sunflower, primrose, stairs in Castellammare del Golfo, Ancient Theatre Sicily, Disney Paris, Cappadocia – Turkey, Dublin


2 Replies to “Photography”

  1. Awesome! Inspiring for another insane writer who currently suffers writers block.
    Ever since I wrote a play at 14 and someone stole it just 10 min after I typed the end…
    My honors English teacher had edited this play and sent it to a publisher friend of hers who enthusiastically asked if he could publish it as a screenplay, not knowing the author was only 14 and in the 8th grade of middle school.
    I’ve written poems and great stuff for college assignments.
    Even a poem that inspired the song by Martina McBride called Anyway. I’m not going to dispute her or want it known even but I wrote that poem word for word except the last credenza, I song anyway, that she added. But I was in a psych ward being diagnosed bipolar with ptsd when I read that to my Dr and he asked to put it on the bulletin board for inspiration for others.
    So I’ve become a reclusive full time college student, which could be because it’s my outlet for my writing hunger. My next endeavor is to start a series of informative websites, lol, one will be called East Tx Trails the Hairy Tale of Foot. Bigfoot that is. He’s been seen all around my home, not by me, but I’ve smelled this God awful stench before outside when my mastiff started raising Kane then refused to go back outside, and he’s massive and brutal to predators of his domain. But something had him very spooked like a nervous chihuahua.
    Not to mention other crazy things I’d endured and lived through in my life, but my stories will come out as fiction because no one would believe it as truth.
    I admired your work and thank you for sharing publicly.
    Would you be ashamed to have your site referenced and a link to it on my sites? I’ll send you a link once I start working on them if your interested in the local East tx tales of sightings and scares by Bigfoot.
    My house is also sitting on a ley line and water line crossed causing a very strong vortex where dead phones with no service ring and connect a real call. And our house is full of ghosts, not seen but felt and other objects show they’re there, like curtains having faces appear in them or like impressions behind the curtains.
    I am not a crackpot. I almost finished two BAs in Business and Nonprofit Business mgmt until I fell ill. Now I’m attending Purdue Global for BA in Psychology and further a Masters in Counseling.
    My dream is to find and build a rehabilitation and recovery center in the middle of the worst area for recreational drugs in Texas I think. Too many lived one’s need help but refuse to admit they have a problem, I’m determined to find a way to bring them peace and relief. Along with my own demons and action packed past.
    Have you ever known someone to be kidnapped twice in their life in two different towns? I have. It was horrible the second time.
    I have lots to share but can’t get my thoughts synchronized. Could be the multiple personalities make it harder. Lol.
    I joke but I really live this crap. Time I did my own therapy and got it all out on paper and exorcise myself of all of it.
    Although Recovery truly have me a new lease on life with finding proper perspectives and forgiveness, for myself and all those I hated.
    So your prayers would be appreciated as I will pray for your success as I like your style. After only one chapter I feel a soul deep connection somehow and will continue to enjoy your work.
    Thank you and God bless…
    Sherron Woolf
    Blooming Rose Inc


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