A Tale in Red

I crossed the entire country, from Istanbul to Cappadocia, the Black Sea to the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Nothing could prepare me for the unforgettable adventure that unfolded during each leg of my journey. One by one, my preconceptions and stigmas were shattered as I experienced life in these new lands.

 Release Summer 2023 Volume 1 – The Silence of Winter .

In 2011, I dared to take a leap and travel to Turkey, an unknown land of captivating beauty and complex culture. I journeyed from Istanbul to Cappadocia, the Black Sea to the border with Syria and Iraq, and each step along the way smashed apart my misconceptions, prejudices and fears and replaced them with a sense of awe, admiration, and respect for the myriad of cultures, landscapes, and people I encountered. Swathed in a blanket of snow one minute and then sizzling in the burning sun the next, I savoured Turkish cuisine while exploring stunning beaches, endless mountain ranges and lush forests. I immersed myself in tales of goddesses, heroes and love, death, and religion, which filled me with a deep longing for more. I never returned home; instead, I moved to London. I wrote about my experiences in a book titled Um Conto em Vermelho series – O Silêcio do Inverno and A Esperança do Verão – a collection of thousands photographs, interviews, stories, and history documenting this unique land’s glory, difficulties and happiness. 

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