“The only portfolio that matters is the one that I leave in people’s hearts.” 
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Working as a software engineer did not fulfil me entirely. The first step was free me from the burden of working for a company. Creating one to share what I learned with small and medium clients was a wonderful experience. However, something was missing. I have always loved working with education, and nothing better than putting together the two passions: technology and education.

The company later split into two: one developing software and the other working to implement the integration between technology and education. It was a challenging and gratifying journey. For ten years, I had the pleasure to work with children, teenagers, and adults to inspire them to give the next step to transform education.

School news showing technology classes

In 1998 Heleny developed an approach to uniting different areas of human knowledge in one project called technology. The image shows two moments in 1999: a child amazed by science software and primary schoolers using the ability to create “machines”.


Computer interaction at an early age. Using computers to develop skills of analysing, understanding, questioning and extrapolating. Teamwork and creativity are emphasised too.

Interview for a Brazilian Newspaper about the relationship between children and technology.

Working with recycle materials

Helping teachers learn how to apply the new tools to the curriculum. 2000, São Paulo – Brazil


Geography can be worked like a complete project where mathematics, language, and other skills are worked. The children developed a CD about countries, and the photo shows a moment when they are tasting new foods from those countries.


Working emotion on a technology class. It helps children develop better links, improve communication and transfer what they learn about themselves and others to work.



Developing a bridge between the traditional curium and technology. Using the virtual word as a space where everybody can reach they potential. 
10 years opening the world of technology for children – age 1 year to 17 years old – and teachers.
Creating a human-catered technological environment where creativity, teamwork, analyses, thinking were the target. 



Writing to open doors here and there for people who wants to enjoy a story but also want something more….


Painting and photographing the world inside and outside. Traveling the world and surfing the waves of unknown.

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