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Release book Asif, Perdão

São Paulo, August 2010 – A joyous celebration was held for the release of H. S. Campoy’s (Heleny Galati, her Brazilian pen name) new book “Asif, Perdão”. The book, which dives into the depths of forgiveness and redemption, had fans chomping to get a copy!

The atmosphere was electric, with delicious food and tantalising cocktails. A local DJ kept the night alive with their infectious rhythm as guests danced the night away. Everybody was anticipating the book launch, hoping to get a copy before they sold out.

Heleny, a guest on Rede TV+’s program, contributed to discussing women’s mental health and how the world affects it. She shared her personal experiences and insights, shedding light on the unique challenges women face daily. Heleny spoke eloquently about society’s pressures on women, including unrealistic beauty standards and societal expectations for women to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. She also highlighted the importance of seeking support and speaking openly about mental health issues for individuals and society as a whole. Overall, Heleny’s participation added valuable perspectives to the conversation and helped promote greater understanding and awareness of women’s challenges in maintaining good mental health.

School news showing technology classes
In 1998 Heleny developed an approach to uniting different areas of human knowledge in one project called technology. The image shows two moments in 1999: a child amazed by science software and primary schoolers using the ability to create “machines”.
Working with recycle materials
Helping teachers learn how to apply the new tools to the curriculum. 2000, São Paulo – Brazil
Working emotion on a technology class. It helps children develop better links, improve communication and transfer what they learn about themselves and others to work.

Heleny’s innovative approach to integrating various areas of human knowledge in one project, called technology, has had a profound impact on education. As a Science Coordinator and technology teacher, she developed a program that brought computers and other technologies into the classroom, allowing students as young as two years old to explore and engage with the world in exciting new ways.

The impact of Heleny’s approach is evident in the image that shows a child amazed by science software and primary schoolers using their creativity to build “machines.” By exposing students to technology at an early age, Heleny has helped to cultivate a generation of young minds who are comfortable with the tools of the modern world and are inspired to create, explore, and learn.

Heleny’s program has also demonstrated the importance of interdisciplinary learning, showing that students can develop a deeper understanding of the world around them by bringing together diverse areas of knowledge. This approach has benefited the students and served as a model for other educators to follow as they seek to inspire and engage their students in the wonders of science and technology.

Overall, Heleny’s work is a testament to the power of education to transform lives and inspire future generations. Her approach has helped to create a more informed, curious, and creative society, and her legacy will continue to inspire educators and students for years to come.

The Brazilian newspaper “O Estado De Sao Paulo” column presents a thought-provoking perspective on the intersection between education and technology. The author provides insightful analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of integrating technology into the learning process, highlighting the potential to enhance student engagement and individualised learning experiences while acknowledging the need to address the challenges associated with the digital divide and potential tech dependency. Overall, the column raises important considerations for educators, policymakers, and technology developers in shaping the future of education in Brazil and beyond.



We have connected traditional curriculum and technology for ten years, providing children and teachers with an engaging virtual world. Our program has fostered creativity, teamwork, analysis, and critical thinking. We have seen great success in student engagement, retention, and achievement as many have pursued STEM fields. We are proud of our impact on the school we worked. But, above all, we can follow those who passed by our classroom achievements in their life.



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