Move to Heaven

It’s time to see we are being scammed. The ‘elite’ are lying to us, dividing humans to keep the power and money. They don’t want our well-being. They want our taxes, obedience, and silence.

Paradise lost

What do I say about now? Nothing. Watching the news or reading the newspapers, the words coming from my lips or fingers are empty vassals of criticism, a not welcome criticism. People in general, right-wing people, don’t like criticism in any form. You can put tables, graphs, videos in front of them and the conversation …


Few people have time to think about the society where they live. We work too much. Watch television too much. Drink too much. Socializing only with those who share our faith, our vision of the world or financial position. An intelligent animal who refuses to see beyond their door.  Doors, actually, were my thoughts when …


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Hi, I’m Heleny. Previously a engineer, I became a full-time writer in 2009. I spend most of my time with my studying, travelling, and with my son and husband discovering new places to enjoy together. The blog is about, well, everything I like, including my trip to Turkey.

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