Adventures in Türkiye – A Tale in Red (book)

Castles, Battle grounds, A town near a river, and new friends.

July 2nd, 2011 It was 5:22 am when the sun began to rise on the horizon. After having a great day exploring Hatay, we decided to leave early to enjoy one more day in Gaziantep, where some people were waiting. The people waiting for me in Gaziantep were friends from some Turkish friends I made in Sao Paulo before …

Summer, sinkholes and caves

June 29th, 2011 We left Göreme early (I revisited Cappadocia), not too soon that has prevented us from enjoying breakfast in the sunny garden. We took the opportunity to take some pictures along the cherry tree. The road ran south, passing between mountains; I first noticed that the weather seemed drier, even though we were …


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Hi, I’m Heleny. Previously I was an engineer, then a CEO of a company, later a teacher coordinating the technology area in many schools and universities in South America. Finally, in 2009 I decide to became a full-time writer.

I spend most of my time studying, travelling, painting, photographing and enjoying life with my son and husband in Denmark were we live.

The blog is about my 2011 time in Turkey.

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