Asif (Perdão and Superação)

From Sao Paulo to New Delhi, through India and Europe. Asif (Perdão and Superação) area a journey where Beatriz will find finally peace; herself, and love.

Asif is the story of Beatriz.

Beatriz is a woman on her 47 who suddenly breaks the rule of Brazilian society where a woman is born to serve and be in the shadow of a man. Her mother was restrictive, with a genuine belief in man superiority. The mother’s view shaped most of Beatriz’s childhood, observing her mother be the last to sit at the table after serving the family or be silent when trying to give an opinion about the family’s future.

Growing up in a patriarchal environment transformed Beatriz into a woman without a will, always desperately trying to please her family, husband and son. She became a ghost of a ghost, someone without objective perspective, immersed in a cage without bars and a life without meaning.

The Internet, still very new in Brazil in 2009, opened a new world to Beatriz and made her life change. The story began three years after her husband died when work and her son were the only threads keeping Beatriz going. 

Asif came to her life as a joke, a fantasy but the young Indian man, full of sexual stories, lies, and naivety about the real world outside his community, gave the push Beatriz needed to finally change from who she was to who she really should be.

From Sao Paulo to New Delhi, through India and Europe. Asif (Perdão and Superação) are a journey where Beatriz will finally find peace, herself, and love.

Asif, Perdão – portuguese

First volume of Asif collection Primeiro volume da coleção Asif


Asif, Superação

Second volume of the Asif’s collection Segundo volume da coleção Asif.


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