Silence of Winter

Have you ever been taken with a desire to break your chains…to travel?

I had. My first step into the world beyond my neighbourhood was through the books I read. I’ll never forget when I saw for the first time black and white photographs of New York City and the Hoover Dam in the Colorado River. Though two-dimensional, monochromatic and flat on paper, both images were grandiose, challenging my imagination to enter their real depth, guiding my steps on a search for more. I was just 10 years old. After exploring all the images and entries in that encyclopaedia, the compulsion to experience for real, those places I had imagined in three dimensions, overwhelmed all my senses. I was seventeen when I first attempted to fulfil that dream. I competed for a scholarship in Italy, more precisely at the Milano Politecnico. I won, but, still a minor, my parents forbade me from attending. Frustration is too feeble a word to represent my feelings! >>

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