Paradise lost

What do I say about now? Nothing. Watching the news or reading the newspapers, the words coming from my lips or fingers are empty vassals of criticism, a not welcome criticism. People in general, right-wing people, don’t like criticism in any form. You can put tables, graphs, videos in front of them and the conversation still having the same result. Standing on the ground of their certainties, they refuse to acknowledge what had been shown. It’s like a veil was pushed over their minds transforming the information of outside.

Living in other places around the world should give you a better perspective of what is happening to the world just now. I don’t think that is happening. Many, billions even, are unaware of what is going on on our planet. The reach of the devastation the humans did and still doing to Earth is coming fast to get the bill. We are doomed if we continue by this path.

I live in the UK; at least for now, it is called the UK. London always was a vibrant and multicultural city until 2016, when being multicultural and welcome foreign becomes a sin. Since then, the government has begun changing the country from an open, welcoming, liberal society to something entirely different. The interesting fact about that is: the change reflects the country, at least England. 

I did not have the privilege to be born here, but what I see now, after Trump and Johnson, That people did not want to believe in facts anymore, preferring grip in their beliefs and certainties build with lies and fake news.

It’s not that they aren’t aware of what is going on. Corruption misleads information, number of deaths, handling of the Covid pandemic. That’s not important; the critical point for them is, finally, they have a voice. They can say those outrageous things only said behind their home walls. They can deny the epidemy, say the Earth is flat, and prove it with their distorted and biased science. 

Now, it’s possible to hate openly. To believe in their white superiority and spread the lies into social media. They record videos, write blogs, post images on Instagram, making their point using manipulations, lies, and, above all, the ignorance we all have about what is going on in the world.

Add to this scenario the newsrooms, magical places of light and information before 2016, where we could understand a bit what was changing, who was to be trusted, where the facts were. Now, that place is tinted by the same lies, misinformation, and non-facts, letting us, those who are still believing in truth, facts, and honesty, without a place to find what we need.

Journalists, political analysts have been trying to answer why, after more than ten years of austerity, voters still choose the responsible for their misery, electing them election after election. There are many answers to that. The electoral system in the UK is flawed. It now put in charge of the government a majority – most of the UK’s population did not vote to the actual government in 2019, about 40% of the people who voted. We can add that the rejection of the last opposition leader. The current leader is desperate to get back those lost voters in 2019 and was using old tactics to try to tint the government – without success. The worst part is the lack of clarity, a real plan. 

The old electoral system is death. The future is not for one party only, but a coalition with similar views but still different. It’s time for the UK to choose this path. However, the opposition refuses to see that as the only way to change things. They insist on a one-party government. They insist on not talking the truth for the people, using similar language as the government when talking about identity and relationship with others.

On the other side, the people don’t see hope for change. Young people – a minority in the country – is captive of a society where the old and rich dictate the law. Poor, disable, foreign refugees, seeing as a weed in the country needing to be exterminated. The middle class that was taught to hate and despise the poor believe that hard work is enough to give you opportunities in life, who is desperate not to lose what they got. The old white people capable of buying a house are now denying it to the next generation. 

We are not at war only with the extremism of right and left. Our fight is by the decency we lost, the understanding of the other, the acceptance we are the same even if we speak different languages, have a different skin colour.

The UK I learned to love is lost. I can’t see where it went. My heart is pounding in sadness for those living here and don’t know what is going on. The Twittersphere is a lousy place to collect the real world outside. The best way to change the country’s heart, bring back its soul is by creating local movements where long conversations educate the people to see beyond the veil. Is anyone with the courage to do that? 

I don’t think so. Why? Because the first step for change is to admit there is something wrong. British people are too proud, too arrogant to admit it. That’s the reason criticism is taken as something personal, not social. It’s the society that is ill, not you or me. 

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