The power of an instant

Have been using technology since 1980, I become a cross between science and facts. It’s painful to me understand why people believe in theories proved wrong again and again, or justify lies as they were inevitable. Complacency and delusion are part of our brain frame. We grew inside a tiny community most time shared our concepts of morality and truth. People group around the same views and culture left. Why I used culture? Looking to the world, particularly to well-educated people (university) and wealthy people (billionaires) is possible to conclude both education and wealthy aren’t enough to develop an analytical and moral mind.

It’s not a surprise then, people marginalized by the lack of culture is less open to changes and innovations, thus more venerable a conspiracy theory and lies. Looking to those who brag having a childhood playing under high voltage lines, not taking immunization, breaking many bones, hurting themselves in iron nails, or drinking water without filtering or boiling, what you see is a lack of understanding how the world had changes and science, and knowledge evolved. 

For example, there isn’t any prove high-powered lines can cause health damage, however, isn’t any proof that it doesn’t. We can read some scientific deliberation sin this article from the BCMJ from 2008 ( trying to understand the science behind all this. Another point is the vaccines. Many people believe vaccination is some kind of mind control initiative or sterilization attempt by the governments. Other thanks to an unscrupulous doctor who related vaccination to autism still, even after proved wrong, believing vaccines are responsible for autistic kids.

If those who believe vaccines are bad for people were able to understand vaccines have dramatically increased life expectancy over the last 100 years – and it’s enough you look in historical data to see it’s true – radically reshaping communities, economy, and the way lives are lived. While vaccination was widespread, the impact of infectious diseases faded, and those same diseases become less threatening. It was this lack of memory of a past where people died in agony of measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever between others the responsibility to the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories about immunization. You can read more on this link from Harvard

When talking about the past, old generations try to recall the best memories form a time they were fit, economic problems weren’t their problems, and life looked much more relaxed and happier. What nobody seems to understand is our memories are biased, we put a rosy veil of perfection in a time where people had no rights, infections killed millions of people and life expectancy was 60 years. The memories of pain and struggle only appeared when someone of a younger generation complains about something. Them, with all bravery they think they had and have, the older generation come to chastise the young calling them ”snowflakes”, “spoiled” or another pejorative term pertinent to their culture. 

It’s time to understand the choice the older generation made or didn’t, are being reflected in our present. Pollution, inequality, wars, all these are the result of what anterior generations valued. How many times your grandmother or mother said, “but I didn’t have a mobile when I was your age.”  or “I wasn’t vaccinated, and I am here.” or “My mother beat me until a bleed but look who I am now.” They can’t criticize themselves, seeing behind their pretended success all the scars that lead them to be selfish, challenging to have a harmonious and free relationship with their children. They forget how they were trying to say who they are now is prove all science is just a collection of theories not proven, not real. 

Denying the truth in facts and science become a religion. People are risking their lives to prove a fairy-tale entity can protect them from virus and death. Other are blame science for releasing a deadly virus, nobody is seeing the future is becoming dark because of their denial. Since decades ago scientist knew about the climate impact of our energy choices. Money talked louder, and we just pretended it was only a possibility. Today, those studies making prediction are proven right; actually, more than right, are shown to be optimistic. 

The ocean level will increase, polar ice will melt, and present fertile land will become deserts. It’s not a possibility, it real now. People are being led to migrate running away from the impact of climate change on their land. The viruses are jumping from animals to humans, using the cruel and greed of industrial animals’ farms. With the ice cape being disappearing, who knows which other infections will come to hunt us. We are playing with nature, betting with our lives. There isn’t one person who is invincible, untouchable, or immune to viruses and diseases that are coming.  

The world is living a crossroad. The covid19 is giving us to make new choices; it’s time to ditch fossil fuels and create a green energy matrix, time for slash inequality with a basic income to everybody in the world. Time to work together to save our planet and home. Could seem late to all this but we are capable of overcoming the black future if we work together. People in all countries should refuse lies from news corporations, holding themselves their governments to account. It’s time to understand that extremisms are not the answer that was proven time and time again through the Human history. Extremists and dictatorships should be overturned, governments capable of working together based in wellbeing instead of GDP should take the countries directions. It’s time for us, the people who always pay the price, sometimes with our lives, to dictate the trends.

Its’ time for responsible freedom; freedom that is available to everybody without economic, religious, political or nationalistic tone. It’s time to the planet Earth united behind the choice of a future to Humankind.