Angry is not a bad feeling

It is a world of inequalities, everybody knows it. On each corner, doesn’t matter if, in the US or Bangladesh, inequality is present as a shadow over billions of people. Billion, these are the real numbers. Inequality happens in workplaces where CEOs have bonus they can receive in offshore accounts. In contrast, the other workers had to share their not fair salary with the government through taxes. Inequality comes when a BAME person doesn’t have the same rights and opportunities than a white one. Same applies to women.

Not only inequality is present in the world. Lies, conspiracies, and extremisms are another source of angry. It’s not possible to feel angry when an extremist – right or left – share millions of time lies and misinformation transforming naïve or ignorant people in flowers and worshipers. Lies are part of human nature, we all know that, but sometimes, the lies are so weak and transparent that is impossible don’t feel offended. What they think we are? Stupid?

The pandemic took the world government by surprise. Many of them are struggling with their inefficiency and unpreparedness. Few are being honest, most are not. In a time of social media, they are throwing their militants to spread lies, misinformation and hate. They have seen the opportunity to grab power and do whatever it takes to keep it forever. Governments manoeuvres are transparent for some, others prefer to believe that it is not happening again. Hungary is not become a fascist Italy form the past; the UK is not showing similar symptoms Germany showed before the II World War. No, everybody is making pretend nothing is happening. Silence and complacency become our new normal.

In Europe, a sense of disunity is shaking the foundations of a successful union. In South America, the fragile union between countries become to crack. The strong men are winning over a scared, uninformed, and ignorant population. Using myth, lies, and religion for cooking a power grab we already saw in the past but didn’t learn much about the results.

In social media, some people still preaching about kindness, positive thoughts, beautiful days still have to come. The truth is much different, especially for who follow science, data and facts. This pandemic was only an alert, others will come. We chose to ignore what is happening in the world, how our societies are interfering in the Earth’s health. Clima change is not science anymore, it’s reality. Changes are happening in front of our eyes, and we still saying we have time, 2050 is a perfect goal to change everything. It is not! 

Europe is breaking year after year the ranking of the hotter year. It’s like we are burning and it’s not slowly. News from Arctic and Antarctic show very high temperature in a place that had only see ice and cold for millennia. Still, we don’t do anything. There are some angry people here and there, few movements trying to change governments minds about what should be done. They aren’t enough. The other who is with their heads stuck on the sand accuse those fighting against oil lobbies, animal killing, pollution, to be too angry. What too angry means?

It’s natural to feel angry when your world is falling apart around you. It’s right to fight with words against all bad decisions the governments had done. Lies shouldn’t be accepted as routine, and people who are angry with them had the right so. When too angry will be taken as the only way to get our planet protected, our lives saved? The docile, the one think kindness and politeness will solve the problems are wrong. They are wrong because nobody is listening to them. The governments are comfortably seated in their certainties, secrets and lies because they know nobody will do anything to change it.

Conspiracy theories are popping up all around us. Most of them are stupidities crafted to make us think all will be alright or all will be dammed if we will not follow their guidance. On the other hand, questioning the information you receive, asking difficult questions. We need a journalist to have the courage to do their job in the best interest of the people. Along with them, politicians who are compromised for the well-being of the same people should do something to change what is happening.  Fighting against narcissists, liars and fantasist who are forcing the world to a place where the fragile member of our society will pay the highest price (many are paying already).

So, to be angry, feel anger, write or speak angrily is nor wrong. Spread lies, conspiracies and falsehood, this is the wrong thing to do. Cohesion, science and facts base decisions, community leaders are the one we need the most. People who are compromised to the future, not the FTSE or any group of companies leading the world to a catastrophic future. We need reality. Fair taxes, basic income to all people in the world, ending tax heaven and above all, a unity and honesty government in each corner of the world to govern together and overcome the two significant challenges and danger for humanity the viruses and climate change.