The Virus

Silent. The morning birds were absent that day, as were the big jets crossing the sky. No news, the world was on hold still a virus had come, and unprepared governments had politicising their actions and our lives. She stood near the window, thinking about how the weather had been fantastic since they were locked inside houses. Should this be advice about how we have been destroying our planet? If she thought about Earth as something alive, capable to fight to stay alive, the virus only could be seen as advice. 

Nobody was taken seriously. Why do people think they are unique, different, some kind of privileged? From what data or fact, they took the certainty they will be here forever?

She turned to the computer. Should she say something? Using words wasn’t easy; sometimes, actions were more comfortable. Laughing she bring back to mind some of the last press readings. No, the world was totally blind and deaf. Earth was tired, and actions, egoistical actions were making Earth sick. Death isn’t a simple matter to humans, in particular their death. It is like the uncertainty and the mixed stories about what come next made them struggle to accept death is the end. 

The woman struggles to make sense of the world right now, where people are on the streets protesting against lockdown called to protect them. Others, hidden on their country houses, prefer to ignore the truth and think their government is right to make so many mistakes, to lie in a scale no other group of leaders should be permitted to do. They pretend they are above the others. Their small place is protected, and death will cross the skies without a stop there.

Did you believe in a government who chose play games with people lives? It’s a funny question since most governments do that all the time. It’s possible to confirm it observing their wars, their policies and how poverty has been increased here and there while billionaires play god using the press and tech companies. It’s absurd to see people making money from others misfortune; it’s worse to see people make money betting on this misfortune.

She was tired. Tired of people believe in fantasies and nationalism. She was tired to see the world sleeping walking to the point of no return. Tired to think the future will be harder, unfairer, and cloudy than now. Loneliness has been seen as her best friend since she was a toddler; however, never was a pain. Now, isolation was like a curse. Nobody was curious about the data, the facts. People were hanging in pseudoscience, dictators’ certainties that refuse to acquaint with science and facts.

Is it too late? The inevitable question comes to mind. Too late to change. Late to let our cars behindhand and make our cities more human, tolerable, breathable. Late to break the cycle of inequality and lack of an open and fair education. Late to save nature and nurture relationships between us – the destroyer of worlds – and them. Is it too late? Why is nobody noticing the changes around? Fierce and short winters followed by scalding and bringing summers are typical now. Birds had diapered, insects are being decimated, mammals as well. A virus is jumping from them to us, and still, we want only one thing, keep the status quo. 

We want the continuity of our luxuries and superficial society. Desperate to turn our face to the other side and pretend the poor are only poor because they want. Crossing stores doors to buy what we don’t need to show how successful we are. Enter a competition to be the richest, the prettiest, the most famous. What are we doing, and why?

She has questions. Thousands of them pilled on her mind and writings. She tries to get answers, but nobody listens to or want to think of the right answer. Shrugging people just say the world will not change. Politicians will lie and use the people faith to distort and keep them in power. Billionaires will create more products to be bought and discarded, creating billion of tons of rejects. We will take the little what remain availed in our planet to build cities, dams, roads, airports, whatever make us feel powerful. And our children? What are we teaching them? Most of will repeat our errors. Other maybe can see beyond the mask of society and will try to fight for change. But, the reality is; we a leaving them a dying planet, an unfair society, and many other illnesses. Will they capable of correcting our mistakes? Will they have the strength?