I like man

I like men. I like men who do not fear being human, contradictory, confusing. I like men who can indulge their passions, rooted in firm ground while their branches reach for the sky.

I like men, both balanced and unbalanced, sometimes the gentleman; sometimes the boy, free, without restrictions. I like men who can sing, dance and cry but who can also be silent, without worrying about what others will think.

I like men who struggle with their prejudices. Men who can take it in their stride to build bridges for moremeaningful relationships; for definitive, exchanges too.

I like mature men – not simply older, but those who have experienced life. Men who know their way, but also know that tomorrow could bring new challenges – challenges they will face with considered confidence. Men with ideas, ideals and vision, who are not afraid to indulge in a search, to ask for help, to share…

Men who are healthily competitive, who don’t sit on the roadside, unless to rest, enjoy the beauty and prepare for the adventure ahead. Men who look you in the eye and see, not only your pleasure, but feel the company and seek the future in your thoughts. Men who make love with words, whetting the appetites of both body and soul, taking and giving in mutual ecstasy.

I like men whose warm presence one can feel, communicating even through long silences in darkened rooms, whose presence rhymes in a kind of unspoken poetry. Men who know how to laugh with that genuine open laughter of when they were boys just playing ball or swimming in the sea.

I like humble men, who never humiliate; who can catch my eye and see the real me, never looking for an illusion. Men who can run beside me on the beach; climb mountains with me, but are equally happy just to relax next to me and watch a film…no need to talk; just hold me, share my body,extending the minutes into everlasting hours…

I like brave men who don’t shirk the fight, yet understand that battles should be fought with intellect and without hurt; battles that can modify, can build, can educate. I like men with heads held high, and steady hands, whose hesitation and consideration is not a weakness, but provides for greater balance as their precision takes aim.

I like sincere, honest men, yet I know that everyone hides some things inside, just for themselves to know. Exactly as I do.

I like men who allow me to be free, to let me go, and when I return through choice, just smile, look into my eyes, hug me and say “how nice you are here.” I like men who are proud of themselves and of me, who do not try to possess me, but who love me; who do not want to change me, but accept me as I am. Men who help me, by their example, to grow, to transform and to walk tall.

I like men with soft perfume, and sweeter taste, who, after making love, leave a scent of tomorrow and forever. I like men who read, not just what they already like, but also try the unknown; men who leap upward from the abyss and fly, gaining their wings on the way.

I like a man who makes pasta for dinner, washes the dishes and prepares the bed, comes into the bathroom with me and shares the pleasure of a shower.. I like to look in the mirror and see my man behind me. A man with the eyes of a dream, the voice of the sea and hands of the wind. I like all men condensed into my one special man, because I like what I am: one woman.

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