A Tale in Red: A new winter jacket and the crew of USS Enterprise.

Marmaris is a port city and a tourist destination on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. During the winter, the city is less busy, almost a fishermen village (some exaggeration here), calm and quiet. On the other hand, when summer comes Marmaris gets to fire. The city becomes a centre of entertainment and relaxation to wealthy Turkish families and youths, European and American tourists take the streets, restaurants, bars, and beaches, bring a myriad of accents, languages, and colours.

It’s easy to understand why Marmaris is so attractive. Dozens of resorts, top five-star hotels, chosen the emerald coast to make their home. Walking through the city, we see the world top brands represented in stores or shopping centre. The cafes, restaurants are more sophisticated in appearance, letting you see another Turkey’s side, the sophistication, luxury, the freedom.

My guide thought Marmaris would be a good place to buy a new winter jacket for me (mine was ripped on my attempt to climb some rocks), do laundry, buy my favourite perfume, and maybe visit a bit of the city. A more practical than explorative stop.

I was inclined to run errands by the city, the guide accompanied, suggesting we could have a dinner near the sea. Walking by the seaside, a ship – big one – called my attention. Pointing the ship, I asked the guide if he had any idea what’s boat was that. He said Marmaris was a favourite stop for US ships coming and going through the Mediterranean. Later, while visiting part of the city, where many dance rooms, tattoo parlours, and loud restaurants were gathered, we read a signal welcoming the crew of USS Enterprise.

In the restaurants and local stores, many sailors – men and women – were buying souvenirs, eating, dancing, and tattooing. After our walking, we stopped to have dinner. The dinner was simple, son siting of fish and accompanied by salad and Efes, the beer is everywhere around here, of course, is Turkish. Satiated, we walked again near the sea, enjoying the night sounds, and observing people coming and going.

Marmaris was a pit stop, we left on the next morning. However, the city had let a deep impression of richness, freedom, and fun.

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