“I don’t have anything to say.” – her first thought when she opened her eyes on that cold morning. She was mute; a writer whom words had deserted, leaving no trace. Inside her head, many words were still coming and going as in a parade, but none would form a sentence. A strange show. “What is your favourite?” A secondary, strange and loud voice asked her. “Why must I choose? I love all of them.” Through her stubbornness, she still wouldn’t commit to say anything. However, she did start to look for words that could give her inspiration: Just then, the word #LOVE# passed by, she tried to pluck it from the line; ‘love’ was a unique word, it would be good to include it in any new text that she could create. ‘Love’ means the capability to understand and appreciate others for what they are, not for what you think or want them to be. Yes, she was capable of loving. While thinking about love, #COURAGE# crossed her mind. Sure, ‘courage’ is a good word too. She was in need of that. ‘Courage’: no more hiding in dark places, avoiding others, keeping her ideas to herself. Here was the courage to fly and conquer the world.

Now, #PEACE# was approaching… timidly. “Perhaps there isn’t a place for peace,” she wondered. It’s too complicated; requires a lot of hard work, understanding and study. War is so much more straightforward, just let all our disaffection, fears and ignorance take their stand, and soon we’ll have war or revolution. The mere thought of #WAR#, and along it comes…strange! Killing other people can become acceptable when there’s a good reason – protecting your country, sovereignty, religion…oh yes, we can make up many reasons to kill and to blame it on the ‘foe’.”

Next, was #RESPECT#. That was definitely thought provoking: she’s not sure that many people really understand ‘respect’. They claim they want #Freedom# another misunderstood word because ‘freedom’ implies responsibilities, and people don’t really like having to take responsibility. So, perhaps, ‘respect’ is a bit outdated now, it has been replaced by #FREEDOM OF SPEECH#, and she has certainly read a lot of rampant nonsense trying to rationalise and argue about the difference between ’freedom of speech’ and incitement to hatred. Nobody understands the difference, and few make the effort to practise ‘respect’. No, she was not against offending, but equally, she wasn’t a supporter of #RACISM#, #BIGOTRY# or #LIES#, either!

#POLITICS# came barging along, pushing the others aside, #TRUTH# was the first fatality, #COUNTRY# was left behind, and #PEOPLE# ignored and let down. #ARROGANCE#, #SELFISHNESS#, #LIES# (again), and #SELF-INTEREST# trotted along sycophantically complementing ‘politics’. A truly mean group, she thought, not very welcome. Closing doors to the poor was the most offensive action of politics, but not the worst. Indirectly killing millions, when #PROFIT# was within sight and was the only justification for all actions bad and good – she disliked such a combination of perfidy, such despicable disregard for human lives.

#LIFE#, an important word, without life there wouldn’t be #EARTH# as we know it and everything that blossoms here; nor #HUMANS#. She sighs; “humans are so unpredictable in their creations yet predictable in their actions. Centuries, millennia, and we keep following the same cycle. Why don’t we actually grow up; become a mature and fruitful species? Questions without answers!”

In the end, just as she felt that no meaningful series of words would ever return to her lips, something came: “In our life, every time we allow racism, bigotry, sexism and lies, to take control of our world, politics transforms peace into war, love into fear, where peace becomes the enemy. We convert free speech into lack of respect, saying it’s constructive comment when, in truth, the motive is pure evil. We let our worst features come to the surface, and bury our best in other times, the past mostly.”

She did not understand, why the past was so desired if today was the only moment we could live. Maybe, our anxiety about the past was an inner necessity, an allusion to the fairy tale we never lived but had transformed into a reality called memories…

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