Look into my eyes,

Tell me what is it you see?

Don’t focus on my clothes,

The colour of my skin

Or the perfume that I wear,

If I have marks; if my teeth are white.

Just look into my eyes, to see the real me.

Do you see the fear?

Do you perceive

The uncertainty inside?

Tomorrow is not here,

I don’t know what will be.

Look into my eyes, dive deep within my soul.

Tell me, who am I?

Whoever should I be?

Now, let me look in your eyes,

Inside your fears, and doubts

To see the truths, the lies, that lie.

To see what you’re about..

Staring through each other’s eyes

Seeing without shadows

Or defensive walls between

All prejudices now cast aside

To see the similarity.

We are close.

Our differences complement as one.

In our synonymy we’re stronger.

Hand in hand to hold to our humanity.

To close the gap between our fear

And our reality…

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