No Love

The water kisses the sands,

Once, twice, each day…a never-ending cycle.

The winter tides, grey skies, cold wind,

Engulfing summer’s hopes.

At every cycle the portent of death tugs at the shore.

My heart is sombre,

My body weak, without the light,

And the uncertainty of my tomorrow,

Is a clock ticking inside.

The winter sea swirls around this island

That is my earthly body,

Sucking away my once solid land,

Like the harsh words you said

When last winter’s snow weighed down the trees,

Yet, in that cold the bridges burned between us.

Inserting frozen fingers,

Straight from your icy heart, creating solitude.

Where, the sea’s summer ripples once kissed warm sands,

As you once kissed my lips.

There is now the cold clammy kiss of death.

My sparkling waves have left…

There is only your emptiness.

That letter is in my hand again,

I repeat the mantra that you wrote.

“I do not love you.”

“I do not love you.”

My soul has washed away…

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