Carry Me Home

I close my eyes and wait,

A bleeding heart in a sterile ward.

Please come to carry me Home.

My eyes implore,

Throw your hateful weapons to the floor,

Carry me Home.

Do you feel it;

Feel it like me;

This breakdown of identity?

Do you feel your emptiness,

A lack of humanity?

Carry me Home,

To the childhood Home

Forever in my mind,

Where your firm, supportive arms,

Your work-worn, wrinkled hands

Once held, comforted, nourished me.

Carry me Home.

Collect these remaining fragments of me

Wrap them up in bright packaging,

Carry them Home.

I’d give anything I could provide,

To bring back the peace between us,

I’m finding you, and taking you back.

Close your eyes, close,

Make the disappointments disappear…forget.

What is not seen, fades,

As the mist of yesterday,

Now there’s the hope of tomorrow.

Do you see the light?

Can you feel its beckoning glow?

Bring us Home;

Together again….

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