Writing is infectious, demanding, sometimes suffocating, but I couldn’t live without writing. H. S. Campoy

Adventure in Türkiye- A Tale in Red

Adventures in Turkey from the book A Tale in Red

Seasons of a Soul

Kindle and Paperback

Seasons of a Soul is a is a poetic journey through the Earth seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter…a collection of the contradictory feelings each season brings. The blossom of spring opens when the sprites dance in our gardens, jumping flower to flower collecting colour, nectar, and provisions. Bright summer is when souls sparkle as the rays of the sun, illuminating every corner we may have aimed to keep in darkness, unveiling all the hopes we pretend not have. Mellow autumn is a second spring, where the changing colours of the leaves reflect the once-bright flowers as the branches yearn to sleep. Autumn is relaxation and introspection, but with a touch of colour and imagination. Finally, yet an essential restitution, before the cycle can begin again, winter melds the melancholy months with a snow a blanket of solitude, beneath which one chooses to reflect on success, failure, delusion and illusion…

Asif, Perdão

Kindle and Paperback

Asif, Superação

Kindle and Paperback

Asif is the story of Beatriz.

Beatriz is woman on hers 47 who suddenly break with the rule of the Brazilian society where a woman is born to serve and be on the shadow of a man. Her mother was restrictive, a true believe on the man superiority. The mother view shaped most of Beatriz childhood observing her mother be the last to sit the table after served all the family or be silence when tried to give an opinion about the future of the family.

Growing up in a patriarchal environment had transformed Beatriz in a woman without will, always desperately trying to please family, husband and son. She became a ghost of a ghost, someone without real perspective, immerse in a cage without bars and a life without meaning.

It was the Internet, still vey new and simple in 2009, that opened a new world to Beatriz and made her life changing. The story begun three years after her husband death, when work and her son were the only threads keeping Beatriz going. 
Asif came to her life as a joke, a fantasy but the young India man, full of sexual fantasies, lies, and a naivety about the real world outside his community, give the push Beatriz was needing to finally change from who she was to who she really should be.

From Sao Paulo to New Delhi, through India and Europe. Asif (Perdão and Superação) were a journey where Beatriz will find finally peace; herself, and love.

The aRt of the bRush


How many times you thought about the disorder and irregularities in life?

cHaoS theory is a multidisciplinary scientific theory and branch of mathematics focus in underlying patterns and deterministic laws highly sensitive to initial conditions in dynamical systems that were thought yo have completely random states of disorder and irregularities. The paint reflects this theory, trying to associate it to life.


Light, visible light, is an electromagnetic radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived by the human eye.

Light, in a poetic sense, is also something we can’t see but feel. It came from inside expressing in many ways: writing, painting, photographing, resuming: aRt.


Summer is the hottest of the four seasons. It came after Spring and before Autumn. It’s a colourful dispute between beauty and burning days. Some people belongs to the sun other to the downpour coming after.


In physics, mathematics, and related fields, a wave is a propagating dynamic disturbance – change from equilibrium – of one or more quantities. Life is full of waves, coming and going, bringing hope or taking it.


Under our feet, earth moves. We move ourselves as life goes by. Expressing that in colours and random forms inspire the heart of a person.


“The only portfolio that matters is the one that I leave in people’s hearts.” 
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Working as a software engineer did not fulfil me entirely. The first step was free me from the burden of working for a company. Creating one to share what I learned with small and medium clients was a wonderful experience. However, something was missing. I have always loved working with education, and nothing better than putting together the two passions: technology and education.

The company later split into two: one developing software and the other working to implement the integration between technology and education. It was a challenging and gratifying journey. For ten years, I had the pleasure to work with children, teenagers, and adults to inspire them to give the next step to transform education.

School news showing technology classes

In 1998 Heleny developed an approach to uniting different areas of human knowledge in one project called technology. The image shows two moments in 1999: a child amazed by science software and primary schoolers using the ability to create “machines”.


Computer interaction at an early age. Using computers to develop skills of analysing, understanding, questioning and extrapolating. Teamwork and creativity are emphasised too.

Interview for a Brazilian Newspaper about the relationship between children and technology.

Working with recycle materials

Helping teachers learn how to apply the new tools to the curriculum. 2000, São Paulo – Brazil


Geography can be worked like a complete project where mathematics, language, and other skills are worked. The children developed a CD about countries, and the photo shows a moment when they are tasting new foods from those countries.


Working emotion on a technology class. It helps children develop better links, improve communication and transfer what they learn about themselves and others to work.



Developing a bridge between the traditional curium and technology. Using the virtual word as a space where everybody can reach they potential. 
10 years opening the world of technology for children – age 1 year to 17 years old – and teachers.
Creating a human-catered technological environment where creativity, teamwork, analyses, thinking were the target. 



Writing to open doors here and there for people who wants to enjoy a story but also want something more….


Painting and photographing the world inside and outside. Traveling the world and surfing the waves of unknown.


The best moments happen when I am on the move – in Asia or America. Dry and sunny deserts, or snowy mountain-tops. In the middle of a Thai market full of people thriving to live. In a jungle, where every species competes to stay alive.

Once upon a time… Wait…life is not a fairy-tale. Life is tough, sometimes too tough! Life is fun, too, a combination of bitter and sweet. Life is life; no definition needed, simply take it, and do with it whatever it is possible to do.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

My initial step in gaining a concept of ‘living’, was to read. Books became my first love, the toy I most cherished; my ultimate desire. From this viewpoint, I have already been living life to the full. I can remember the very first book I held in my hands. It smelt of fresh ideas escaping into a dead world…bringing it to life. The pages were the path I took to transform that four year old girl into a dreamer.I grew up dreaming: with my books, with my music. The myriad of places I visited, exchanging my simple clothes, living life aplenty through the lives of each of those characters I adored. I was a fairy, a queen, a brave musketeer, a defiant knight, a wise philosopher. Those were my steps to becoming the ‘me’ I am today.

Idealistic, but not with my feet off the ground. Full of innovative ideas, yet always ideas imbued with a sense of real fantasy. Believing that everything is possible, I built my byways to now, to this very moment! Today, when I turn my eyes to the tree with its autumnal vestment, the birds are flying to another place far away; I will fly there too… Indeed, travel has been the other cherry atop my fairy-cake of life. The absolute pinnacle. The best moments happen when I am on the move – in Asia or America. Dry and sunny deserts, or snowy mountain-tops. In the middle of a Thai market full of people thriving to live. In a jungle, where every species competes to stay alive. It doesn’t matter where, life flows in my veins, a life worth being lived. This amalgam of books, travel and ideas, has created a person who is hard to define. Strange, reclusive, naïve – the ‘labelling’ has been persistent, but I have learned to accept it and move on.

This space is about ideas (mostly mine), mixed with travels, sensations and feelings. It’s not to anybody. It’s for the chosen. But, it is not for me to choose… it’s for you. Welcome then. Give me your mind, and take my hand, it will be something of a roller coaster through uncharted territory.

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